Feature of Construction manager overseeing construction site

Thomson Prison

Construction manager overseeing construction site

Built in Thomson, IL

AUSP Thomson: Daxon Construction Company continues to work on rigorous projects with a client in highly-regulated industry.

Armory: This was a ground-up new construction of a precast concrete building used for the prison’s armory and lock shop.

Staff Training Center and Site Improvements: The staff training center was a ground-up new construction of a pre-engineered metal building for the future training center. The site improvements included approximately ¾ mile of asphalt road around the prison and approximately one mile of concrete road inside the prison. The entire site was re-graded to allow for new storm drainage.

Switchgear Enclosure: This was a ground-up new construction of a pre-engineered building to house the electrical switchgear. This project included moving the existing generator and adding another generator for back-up power.

Firing Range: This was ground-up new construction including a precast structure for the firing range and a pre-engineered building for the classroom and offices for the range. The range was considered an outdoor, fully contained range, which means that from the firing line there is no ‘blue sky,’ which also means that bullets are not able to exit the range. We also installed a rubber bullet trap system and suspended ballistic baffles.

Training Center Interior Build-Out: This was the interior construction/build-out for the training center. Complete interior finishes including metal stud/drywall walls through acoustic ceilings and finishes for two locker rooms, training classroom, exercise room, kitchen, and offices.