There is no substitute for proper planning. We can make sure your project is set up for success, by determining the scope of work, budget, schedule, building materials, and much more.

Before shovels ever hit the ground, you need to nail down a complete project plan. Daxon Construction Company has years of experience in construction planning and offers Preconstruction Services to ensure your project has a solid foundation providing the best value. This phase includes project evaluation, cost estimating, value engineering, and scheduling.

Project Evaluation

We will meet with you and your team to clearly define project needs and expectations, as well as develop a final concept for the building including size and materials.

Cost Estimates

Estimating a budget is complex and includes materials, suppliers, equipment, and more. We work closely with the owner to provide estimated costs during the preconstruction phases prior to full construction documents to ensure you stay within your budget.

Value Engineering

We want to help our clients complete projects as efficiently and economically as possible. To do so, we utilize value engineering to identify cost savings and improve the quality of your project from the start.


Daxon Construction is dedicated to delivering projects on time. Our initial schedule will identify key milestones, dates, and schedule the entire project including project sequencing.
Overall project success relies heavily on the decisions made during the initial project phase. With more than 100 years of combined construction experience, Daxon Construction is here to guide you through each step of your construction project.